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Which is Better for Making Money Fast

In recent years, blogging and vlogging have been legitimized as an income-generating career. For many people, this presents an opportunity to create their dream job and earn an income while sharing something they’re passionate about.

It also leaves a lot of people wondering which is better for making money: blogging or vlogging? Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of each.

Advantages of Blogging

The benefit of blogging is that anyone can do it. It’s relatively low-cost to get started, and you maintain control over what you post. 

The first advantage of blogging over vlogging is that the monetization options are more versatile. With vlogging, you’re often limited to the ever-shrinking options offered by YouTube. While you can secure sponsorships, that’s as far as it goes.

You can get sponsorships, use advertising, and, most importantly, capitalize on an email list for product development and affiliate sales. With a blog, it’s easier to build out a sales funnel and make that connection between sharing an email and selling products.

Another benefit of starting a blog is that you can feature guest posts or outsource to a ghostwriter to help with content creation. By doing so, you can create consistent posts and delegate for better time management. As consistent posting and external links play a crucial role in blog success, this is a huge benefit.

Disadvantages of Blogging

For every pro, there is a con. You can be passionate about a subject but struggle with writing compelling content and editing. 

If you’re looking to make money fast, blogging isn’t the way to go. It can take years to get established and build an audience. Even with a well-thought-out marketing plan, it takes time for Google to take notice of your efforts and rank you on the SERP.

While creating fantastic content is a must, you’ll always have to work with SEO in the back of your mind. Ensuring that you’re up-to-date on the latest algorithm changes is just a part of it. Sometimes you’ll have to write about things that don’t interest you.

Advantages of Vlogging

There are a few apparent perks to vlogging. For one, it’s more accessible than blogging for most people. The timeline is also drastically different when working with video content.

Video marketing is having a moment. It’s expected that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video-related by 2022. By starting a vlog, you’re getting ahead of the trend.

It’s also easier to build a following with vlogging, thanks to its inherent shareability. 


Disadvantages of Vlogging

One of the overarching disadvantages of vlogging is that the monetization options are limited. Chances are that you’ll have to have a mailing list and affiliate offering to build a sustainable income.

With vlogging, it’s always you in the spotlight. Some people struggle with this concept. Also, it’s easier to get “canceled” when your face is on YouTube. Once your reputation is ruined, your career is over.

Tips for Success

So what’s better for making money, vlogging or blogging? The truth is that they both require the same level of dedication and hard work to make money. Like any business, they’re both reliant on strategic planning and a long-term commitment.

If you have the time and resources, Today With Jay suggests doing both. Focus on creating exceptional content and repurposing it to appeal to a variety of audience members within your niche. This approach will also help you evaluate where the opportunity lies and focus on both short-term and long-term income goals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert to help guide the process and improve your monetization timeline.


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