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Ways to Invest (2 UNKNOWN APPS)

Investing money can be difficult and disappointing. The stock market especially, doesn’t always work in our favor. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the stock market. You can buy bonds, REITs, ETFs, and mutual funds just to name a few. In actuality, there are many ways to invest money.

Ever wanted to invest in real estate, but money has prevented you from doing so? Maybe you want an investment that you know you’ll get a return on. Contrary to popular belief, you can own real estate without large sums of money. You’ll be able to reap the same benefits without the hassle. Here are two apps that offer different ways to invest.

If you’re finding it difficult to choose an investment platform to use, look into the post below. If not, continue through this list learn so new options for investing.

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Investing on Computer - Easy Earned Money:

1. Worthy Bonds


First, let’s take a look at what a bond is. A bond is a loan that’s given to the government or a company from an investor. The investor will then receive interest on this loan. Bonds are generally regarded as safer than stocks. The risk with bonds directly correlates to the issuer. Worthy Bonds fund small U.S. businesses and keep the difference of interest they earn and the interest they pay as profit. To be safe, Worthy makes other investments, including real estate.

Worthy keeps its platform open to all investors. With bonds going for $10, anybody can tap in. What’s awesome, is you are able to see the interest you’re earning daily! This is far better than waiting quarterly to receive your money. With most saving accounts offering 0.1% interest, Worthy’s fixed 5% seems unbeatable. Although each bond has a 3-year term, your money can be withdrawn at any time.  Check out their website and use their neat calculator to see how much you could earn!

Get your free Worthy Bond!

2. Landa

Landa App Website - Easy Earned Money: Ways to Invest (2 UNKNOWN APPS)

You may have heard of REITs as a way to invest in real estate. Like REITs, Landa allows people to invest in real estate and collect monthly rent. Landa does all the research and determines the best rental properties. Shares of those properties can then bought by investors like you! The rent collected by the property basically acts likes dividends to your shares. Rent is paid monthly, and investors can trade their shares like stocks.

Landa does a great job of removing the belief that investing in real estate requires a lot of money and time.  The hard work of finding the right properties and tenants is done by Landa. Each property is divided into 10k shares for investors to buy and sell. Hence, the more shares owned, the higher rent payout. All these options make Landa an exciting way to invest in real estate.

Check out Landa for yourself!

*Bonus – Crowdfunding

You may or may not have heard of crowdfunding already. Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, and Gofundme are amongst the most notable crowdfunding platforms. These platforms are great for people looking to fund projects they’re genuinely interested in. Some of these projects promise funders to be the first to receive their product. These platforms can be both rewarding and exciting.

There are also crowdfunding sites that offer something called equity crowdfunding. This type of crowdfunding allows investors to fund startups and receive a share in the company as a reward. While this type of investment is regarded as high risk, there is a chance for high return. Sites like StartEngine and SeedInvest showcase promising tech companies in need of funding.

Equity crowdfunding is basically angel investing and can be super rewarding as the investor is with the company from the very beginning.

The 20th century continues to become home to new ways to make money. Investing has become more interesting due to smartphones and their apps. In our opinion, these are two of the best apps for their respective purposes. There are plenty of other apps out that’ll allow one to invest in bonds and real estate. For example, HappyNest is just like Landa, except you’re investing in commercial properties. New apps offering new ways to make money will continue to emerge. Awareness is everything.

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