Use Cement Flooring For Elegant Marble Look

Use Cement Flooring For Elegant Marble Look

Cement flooring is one of the opted options by homeowners and designers. Cement flooring when given first thought look like dingy and grey, but if a correct treatment is carried out, flooring can look magnificent. Many concrete or cement floors are generally found at retail stores, restaurants, homes and offices.

You can find concrete or cement floors in painted, color, stained and also in nearly unlimited designs. Cement floors have proved a record for durability, cost effectiveness and strength for different applications that include walkways, driveways, floors and patios. Concrete floors are also found in an array of residential backgrounds or settings. Concrete flooring is usually painted for giving a nice effect.

The cement flooring will be transformed into ugly and dull colors because of mixing of new stains with substance used for making concrete floors. Cement floors can give an elegant marble look to a living room and use of right stain can make cement floor look cheery and bright.

This type of flooring costs less and thus makes you save a lot. Interior concrete includes vinyl, carpet and other materials for flooring. Exterior surfaces include materials like granite, brick or stale that meets your budget too. This flooring can lasts forever and there is no need to replace this flooring periodically like tiles or carpets. Life expectancy of cement slabs is more than the flooring materials that are used very often to cover them. Vinyl and carpeting can subject to staining, tears and damage. Concrete floors are healthier than carpets, as carpet collects small mites and dust and people that are allergic to moulds or dust can suffer from serious problems. Concrete or cement floors can be cleaned with the help of a mop or vacuum cleaner.

There are some good brown tones that are mixed up with the texture that look like an expensive stone or marble. Usually, other brown tone is also mixed with the substance in order to achieve spectacular effect. For giving special effects to the cement flooring green and blue shades can also be accented with the substance. It is done in order to make the floor look beautiful, decorative and attractive. Cement can be mixed up with several textures and hues and coloring to make the floor give look of elegance.

Cement flooring are durable, easy to maintain and are sanitary that can last for long time. Different methods that are used for creation of concrete decorative surfaces include:

• Chemical staining:

Special stains are mixed up with the concrete to lightly etch into the cement surface. This option can be applied on old as well as new slabs. However, results may vary from one project to another.

• Integrally colored concrete:

The colorant may be added to the cement or concrete when the mixing is done for making the slab. The colorant used can be in either powdered form or liquid form.

• Concrete stamping

Use of flexible and rigid patterns to imprint textures of tile, slate, wood planks, and bricks are among others. Cement flooring is the most preferred method to uniquely design the floors easily and economically.

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