Why Mars is having its busiest two weeks in 47 years

It is a busy February for Mars, with three probes from three separate nations arriving on the Pink Planet over the course of simply 9 days. However this Martian celebration did not occur by coincidence — it has to do with the mechanics of each Earth and Mars’  orbits.

The United Arab Emirates’ first interplanetary mission, the Hope probe, achieved Mars orbit Tuesday (Feb. 9), as Live Science sister site Space.com reported. China’s first interplanetary mission, Tianwen-1, is scheduled to enter its personal Martian orbit Wednesday (Feb. 10). The Chinese language probe consists of each an orbiter and a lander with a rover onboard, which is expected to try to land on the surface in May. And on Feb. 18, NASA’s first-of-its-kind descent automobile will attain Mars and plunge instantly via its environment. If all goes in keeping with plan, the automobile will shed its outer shell and use rockets to cease its descent on the final second. Then it’ll hover above the floor to decrease the rhinoceros-sized, nuclear-powered, $2.7 billion Perseverance rover to the filth through skycrane. 

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