Springtime on Mars!

A Martian Year

A Martian Yr – at One Earth Month Intervals

   Four days ago, February 2nd, we ‘celebrated'(?) Groundhog Day the place within the Northern Hemisphere if the groundhog sees its shadow there might be 6 extra weeks of winter. Coincidentally on Saturday February 6th it’s the spring equinox on the planet Mars because the planet transitions from its winter season to spring throughout its 684 Earth day orbit across the Solar. Nevertheless there are not any groundhogs on Mars! So there could also be clear skies however given each day temperatures on the Martian floor to me it seems to be like spring time on a regular basis, albeit quite cool!
   Seasons on Mars are marked by the planet’s heliocentric longitude coordinates utilizing the place of Mars alongside its orbit across the Solar. Every seasonal begin/ending level is 90 levels aside, however due to its elliptical-shaped orbit every Martian season is of various lengths.

   I’m not precisely certain why this explicit date is used however by worldwide settlement astronomers have chosen April 11th, 1955 as zero levels for yr 1 of this Martian calendar. What this works out to is that on Saturday February 6th, Earth time, it’s the begin of spring for yr 36 utilizing the aforementioned calendar system.

Yr 35
zero levels — Spring Equinox — March 23 2019
90 levels — Summer season solstice — October 08 2019
180 levels — Fall Equinox — April 08 2020
270 levels — Winter Solstice — September 02 2020

Yr 36
zero levels — Spring Equinox — February 06 2021
90 levels — Summer season solstice — August 25 2021
180 levels — Fall Equinox — February 24 2022
270 levels — Winter Solstice — July 21 2022

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