Science with Sam: Do aliens exist?

Do aliens exist? It’s a query that has spawned numerous movies and TV collection, books, podcasts, art work and conspiracy theories, however the query of whether or not or not we’re actually alone within the universe stays unanswered. On this episode of Science with Sam, we clarify the continued hunt for extra-terrestrial life and whether or not or not they could already be right here.

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We people are obsessive about the concept that we’re not alone, that someplace on the market within the universe, there are different life kinds clever sufficient to speak with us.  Or possibly even destroy us. But when there may be life on the market, why haven’t we heard from them but?  Or have we?


In 1961, the astronomer Frank Drake devised a calculation that predicted the existence of thousands and thousands of civilisations on the market among the many stars. His Drake Equation used some pretty speculative assumptions, nevertheless it ignited our curiosity.  Are we only one small a part of an unlimited, cosmic zoo?

For physicist Enrico Fermi, the contradiction between this prediction and actuality made no sense, and it got here to be often called the . “The place is all people?”, he needed to know. There might be an infinite variety of solutions to this query. Listed below are a number of:

There isn’t any paradox and we actually are alone within the universe

Miserable although it might be, generally the only solutions are essentially the most believable.

They’re ghosting us

Perhaps aliens have a coverage to not intervene with much less superior cultures.  A bit just like the “prime directive”, on Star Trek.

They don’t dwell lengthy sufficient to get in contact

This concept, often called the Nice Filter, says that no superior civilisation survives lengthy sufficient to nonetheless be round when its neighbours are thriving. For us, threats like nuclear struggle, local weather change or pandemics may spell our doom.

They’re already right here

From Roswell to The Lubbock Lights, there have been loads of UFO sightings on Earth. Is the federal government hiding the proof? Or is it pretend information?

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The silence from different civilisations will not be for need of trying on our half.  In 1960, Drake pointed a radio telescope in direction of two close by stars, and waited for that hotline bling. As a substitute of clever messages he acquired a load of static, and interference from a secret army experiment. However, the Seek for Additional Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, was born.

Then, on 15 August, 1977, one other SETI program recorded a quick radio sign coming from the route of Sagittarius. Jerry Ehman, the astronomer analysing the information at ‘Large Ear’ telescope that day, was so excited that he wrote “Wow!” within the margin of the print-out. To date, that ‘Wow!’ sign stands as our most hopeful signal of alien communication but.

However listening for ET to cellphone house is a bit like standing by the payphone, ready for the cellphone to ring. Perhaps now we have to make the primary transfer.

Drake tried this too, sending a radio message in direction of globular star cluster M13. Often called the Arecibo message, it confirmed potential aliens our DNA construction, photo voltaic system and a number of the biochemicals of earthly life. We additionally tried sending aliens a greeting onboard house probes Pioneer 10 and 11, which included photos of people and instructions to our .

Then, in 1977, we despatched a extra formidable message, stuffed with audio and pictures, on board the Voyager probes. We even included a mixtape of a few of our favorite tunes, together with Bach, Beethoven, Louis Armstrong and Chuck Berry, to impress any pleasant lifeforms – or not less than those with ears. And if that didn’t entice them to get in contact, possibly this illustration of people consuming, licking and consuming may?!

By now aliens may know quite a bit about us – together with what we have to survive and the best way to attain us. And also you may be questioning whether or not it’s such a good suggestion to be broadcasting our location all around the galaxy, after we don’t know who’s listening.

“It’s like shouting in a forest earlier than you realize if there are tigers, lions, and bears”, says Dan Werthimer, a SETI researcher. Worse nonetheless, these bears might need planet-destroying interstellar missiles.

Placing apart the query of whether or not we should always attempt to contact aliens, are we even doing it proper? These alien societies may be thousands and thousands of years previous, so to them our radio messages may look as outdated as flip telephones, pagers, and, nicely, radio.

Loads of different methods to search for life have been tried or prompt. Listed below are a number of choices:

Search for biosignatures

Over time, the biochemistry of billions of creatures can rework a world in distinctive methods. By analysing the wavelengths of sunshine that come by means of the planet’s ambiance, we are able to search for gases that recommend the presence of life.

Search for technosignatures

if we do see indicators of life on one other planet, that received’t inform us whether or not it’s inhabited by senseless inexperienced slime or sentient city-builders. A extra dependable method to search for kindred spirits is to search for chemical compounds that solely clever civilisations can produce.

Metropolis lights

Aliens with night time imaginative and prescient as restricted as ours may festoon their constructed atmosphere with synthetic lighting. So possibly we may spot cities lit up on the planet’s darkish aspect.

Aliens on the go

Alien spaceships may be simpler to identify than their house planets. Perhaps, we are able to search for high-powered lasers used to push sails, or intense plumes of sunshine generated by an antimatter , like these imagined in Star Trek.


Aliens might need constructed gargantuan engineering initiatives like Dyson spheres, named after the physicist and engineer Freeman Dyson, that are swarms of gadgets round a star that harvest its power, and nothing to do with vacuum cleaners

The Ozymandias

The ruins of superior civilisations doomed by their very own know-how might need their very own telltale signatures. If we discover useless civilisations earlier than we discover dwelling ones, which may not bode nicely for our personal future.

If we do make contact with aliens, it will be a decisive blow to the concept that people are the centre of the universe. However how a lot cooler wouldn’t it be to that we’re only one department of an unlimited galactic tree of life?


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