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Panspermia is an concept that has been round for a very long time.  It was first talked about within the fifth century BC by Anaxagoras, one of the distinguished pre-Socratic philosophers.  The issue with the idea is that there’s by no means actually been any to again it up.  That lack of proof has modified dramatically within the 20 or so years, and just lately extra knowledge has been added to that dataset.  A group from Royal Holloway, a part of the College of London, discovered natural materials and water in a pattern of Itokawa, the asteroid the primary Hayabusa mission visited over 10 years in the past.

Organics have been discovered on meteorites earlier than, however Hayabusa marked the primary time a pattern of a “S-type” asteroid was noticed to comprise natural molecules.  It even got here instantly from the supply, relatively than being subjected to quantities of time on Earth itself earlier than being examined.

Recovery team makes sure all is safe with the sample return canister from the Hayabusa 1 Mission.
Restoration group makes positive all is protected with the pattern return canister from the Hayabusa 1 Mission.
Credit score: JAXA

Extra attention-grabbing nonetheless, the group, led by Dr. Queenie Chan, discovered there have been two several types of organics on the one grain of the asteroid that they have been in a position to research, generally known as “Amazon”.  A few of the organics had been heated as much as a temperature of over 600 levels, whereas different organics that have been situated very close to the natural materials had gone by no such course of.  

This indicated that the asteroid to choose up natural materials because it traveled by the photo voltaic system after the heating occasion that seared solely a few of that natural materials.  Dynamic like these noticed within the natural materials of Amazon imply it’s extra seemingly for asteroid to choose materials throughout their journey, and to this fact extra more likely to deposit them on the Earth.  Since S-type asteroids are the commonest type of meteorites, there’s an added probability that a few of them that impacted Earth billions of years in the past had these life-building chemical substances on them.

JAXA Video discussing the Hayabusa 1 mission.
Credit score: JAXA Youtube Channel

On no account is that this definitive evidence that panspermia happened, although it’s one other knowledge level in its favor.  Fortunately, much more pattern return missions from Hayabusa’s successors will present much more knowledge factors within the close to future.  Whether or not or not they comprise organics stays to be seen although.

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