NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has made its fourth and furthest flight

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’s captured this of the Ingenuity throughout its fourth flight


The Ingenuity helicopter has flown on Mars as soon as once more. Throughout its fourth flight on 30 April, the drone flew additional and sooner than ever earlier than – and it’s removed from completed, as NASA additionally introduced a month-long to its mission.

Ingenuity achieved the entire foremost objectives of its mission in its first three flights, so the goal of the fourth flight was to push past that barely. The fourth flight lasted almost two minutes, throughout which the helicopter flew 266 metres and reached a high velocity of 13 kilometres per hour. That’s greater than twice as far and almost twice as quick because the earlier check.


The mission was deliberate to incorporate solely 5 flights earlier than the Perseverance rover drove away and started its personal major missions of looking for indicators of historical life and accumulating samples to be returned to Earth. Nevertheless, NASA officers introduced on 30 April that Ingenuity will journey alongside Perseverance, capturing aerial photos that might assist the rover scout potential routes and scientifically attention-grabbing areas close by.

“Now we’ve an opportunity to… [demonstrate] for future robotic and even crewed missions the advantages of getting a accomplice close by that may present a unique perspective – one from the sky,” mentioned MiMi Aung at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a statement. “We’re going to take this chance and run with it – and fly with it.”

Due to this further time, Ingenuity’s fifth flight won’t take it again to the airfield from which all of its exams to date have lifted off. As an alternative, will probably be a one-way journey to a brand new touchdown spot that the helicopter checked out throughout its fourth flight. From there, it’ll make one or two extra flights throughout the next 30 .

If the helicopter’s {hardware} continues to be doing properly after these flights, its mission could also be prolonged but once more, NASA officers mentioned.

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