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Water ice, particularly any situated within the sub-surface, has lengthy been a focus of Mars exploration efforts. Causes abound as to why – from the necessity to develop crops to the necessity to create extra rocket fuel to blast off the planet for a spherical journey.  Most of that effort has targeted on the poles of the planet, the place many of the water ice has been discovered.  

Sadly, these excessive latitudes are additionally troublesome areas for manned missions, as a result of their slack of daylight and very low temperatures.  Now, a workforce from the Planetary Science Institute (PSI) have mapped the density of water ice in a big chunk of the decrease northern hemisphere, in an effort to assist slender down potential human touchdown websites at extra welcoming latitudes.

Ice starting to melt on the polar ice cap in the Northern Spring.
The primary indicators of
Spring within the northern polar ice cap on Mars: followers of mud launched by sublimating fuel. Picture Credit score: NASA/JPL/UArizona

The undertaking, aptly named the Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM) of Mars undertaking, targeted on a area of the northern hemisphere barely outdoors the “ice stabilization zone” that exists above 50 diploma latitude within the northern hemisphere. On this zone, the temperatures are chilly sufficient that the ice is almost definitely secure on the present environmental conditions on Mars.  

At these latitudes, the daylight obtainable to any human mission could be too low to energy the required life sustaining expertise, making it unsuitable for a human touchdown spot.  Farther south, the sun’s power will increase considerably, making it potential to energy life help with solar energy in these areas. Whereas SWIM didn’t cowl the whole northern hemisphere outdoors of the polar area, it did cowl most.

UT Video discussing consumer water ice for residing on the land.

It did so utilizing information from three totally different sources: the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Odyssey, and Mars Global Surveyor orbiting satellites.  5 several types of information from these satellites had been fed right into a novel information processing algorithm to sew them collectively to provide you with a completely realized “ice consistency map”.  These information varieties included thermal evaluation, radar subsurface compositional (dielectric) evaluation, geomorphic mapping of periglacial (i.e. space round a glacier or ice sheet) options, neutron spectroscopy, and radar floor evaluation.

Even with that abundance of various information sources, the PSI workforce remains to be fast to level out that the extent of element accomplished on this first examine shouldn’t be appropriate for choosing a touchdown web site for a future Mars mission.  Fortunately any such mission remains to be within the early conceptual levels, so the workforce has time to check areas of curiosity within the hemisphere extra fastidiously, and accumulate additional information to construct extra detailed fashions of significantly fascinating spots.

Image of the northern polar ice cap of Mars.
A vertically exaggerated view of Mars’ north polar cap. Researchers with The College of Texas at Austin and the College of Arizona estimate that if melted, the huge ice deposits found on this area would cowl the planet in 1.5 meters (5 toes) of water.
Credit score: SA/DLR/FU Berlin; NASA MGS MOLA Science Group

That’s precisely what they plan to do – the following step of the SWIM undertaking is to each additional analyze current information and accumulate new information on these websites of curiosity.  Optimistically, earlier than any future Mars mission plan strikes forward, they are going to have a pleasant detailed ice map of the floor of the northern hemisphere to assist select a touchdown web site.

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Lead Picture:
Displaying overlap of the northern polar ice cap and the survey space of the SWIM examine.
Credit score: PSI


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