Fiery ‘airburst’ of superheated gas slammed into Antarctica 430,000 years ago

Roughly 430,000 years in the past, an incandescent ball of sizzling gasoline got here barreling out of the sky and slammed into Antarctica — and now, scientists have discovered tiny bits of particles fashioned by that influence.

The workforce scooped up the mineral particles from Walnumfjellet within the Sør Rondane Mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, which is positioned south of Africa on the japanese facet of the continent. Antarctica provides the right setting to scout for meteorite , on account of its dry, frigid weather and minimal human presence, first creator Matthias van Ginneken, a geoscientist who specializes within the examine of micrometeorites, or extraordinarily tiny meteorites the dimensions of mud particles, advised Reside Science.

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