February: The Hare & Unicorn – Sky & Telescope

For many of us within the Northern Hemisphere, February nights are too chilly to comfortably spend a lot time outdoor. So this month’s Sky Tour podcast takes you on a stargazing mini-adventure that you would be able to end in 10 minutes or much less.

For starters, go exterior some clear night in early February, after it’s gotten moderately darkish (round 7 p.m.), then discover a spot with a large view throughout, and face south. Give your eyes a few minutes to regulate to the darkness, after which look excessive as much as spot Mars.

Now sweep your eyes to the appropriate, towards west, and make a psychological snapshot of what you see. Not seeing many apparent stars, are you? Now return to Mars and sweep your gaze to the left half of the sky, towards east. What a distinction! Even when you have quite a lot of mild air pollution, you’ll see a bunch of shiny stars. And why is that? Nicely, you’ll must obtain this month’s Sky Tour to get the reply!

February’s podcast additionally guides you to a pair of small, lesser-known winter constellations. Our first goal is a celestial rabbit, named Lepus. This little hare is hiding in plain sight, if the place to search for it!

Star chart for Monoceros
Search for the dim stars of Monoceros nestled between Orion and his trustworthy searching canines.
Picture: Akira Fujii

Sky Tour’s second faint goal is the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn. It sits proper in the midst of a triangle shaped by three very shiny stars. And which three stars would these be? That’s one other query simply answered by listening to February’s Sky Tour (or you possibly can cheat and take a look at the picture above!)

The truth is, our guided tour of the nighttime sky leads you to every kind of celestial discoveries. So obtain or stream it now, and you will get a deal with on the celebrities of winter very quickly.

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