February Moon at Perigee & Spica Conjunction

   Our Moon reaches perigee, (closest to Earth), for this orbit, on Wednesday February 3rd. At the moment the Moon will probably be at a distance of 28.Eight Earth diameters, 229,986 miles (370,127 km) from the Earth.

   Earlier than dawn on the date of the perigee Moon the 20.4-day outdated waning gibbous Moon and will probably be about 7-8o from the star Spica in Virgo the Harvest Maiden.

   Does our Moon truly go across the Earth as this graphic exhibits? From our perspective on the Earth the Moon seems to circle across the Earth. Nevertheless, in actuality, the Moon orbits the Solar along with the Earth*
   *Click on here to learn my Scope on the Sky column “The Actual Form of the Moon’s Orbit”. (PDF)


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