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   February 15th is Galileo Day.
   Quoting Galileo, “and but it nonetheless strikes”, in reference to the really orbiting the Solar. So how you can acknowledge his achievements and contributions to fashionable Science? Learn on…

   Jupiter’s Moons
   One gratifying pasttime is to watch the continuously altering 4 largest moons orbiting Jupiter. Generally referred to as the Galilean Satellites, they’re: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Named after Galileo who made many observations of the moons and from these observations and different observations led him to query the Geocentric model of the photo voltaic system. These 4 planet-sized moons are seen as small vivid stars on both facet of Jupiter and relying on the time and of viewing their association round Jupiter isn’t the identical as this animated graphic, set to 1-Earth intervals, is exhibiting.
   Recreate Galileo’s observations of the Galilean satellites by means of using a web-based simulation, the Java applet, Juplet. Enter dates or instances to see the place of the 4 Galilean satellites.
The Juplet will show the planet and the satellite tv for pc configuration for the date and time on the pc, or you would simply edit the date and time, and after urgent the Enter key see a unique configuration. To maintain observe of those modifications the place of every satellite tv for pc relative to Jupiter could possibly be drawn on a knowledge desk just like Galileo’s knowledge desk.

   This video, ‘Orbs of Jupiter’, was one of many movies I made for a dwell musical efficiency on the Gottleib Planetarium at Science Metropolis in Kansas Metropolis MO. The unique movies had been made for full-dome projection – this one has been flattened. Music was written by Richard Johnson and carried out by Rebecca Ashe (Flute) and Cheryl Melfi (Clarinet). Stay and pre-recorded Electro-acoustical sampling by Richard Johnson and Daniel Eichenbaum. The soundtrack for the video is from the dwell efficiency by Dark Matter.


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