Crescent Moon – Neptune Conjunction

   Saturday February 13th the 2-day previous skinny waxing crescent Moon can be about 2-3o from the outer planet Neptune and about 6-7o to the west from Dwarf Planet Ceres. The Moon will cross by Ceres over the subsequent 24 hours and by about this time tomorrow the Moon can be to the east from Ceres.
   I ought to level out that Ceres with an obvious magnitude between 8th and 9th and Neptune with an obvious magnitude between 7th and eightth neither can be seen to the unaided eye.
   Nonetheless if you find yourself trying towards the Moon you’ll be trying within the course of those two distant members of our photo voltaic system. This graphic reveals the place of the Earth, our Moon, Ceres, and Neptune on February 13th. From this angle objects to the left of the Solar can be seen within the night skies because the Earth rotates.


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