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This new video from NASA/JPL-Caltech – launched February 22, 2021 – exhibits the view from the Perseverance rover because it landed in Jezero Crater on Mars final week (February 18). The rover’s flashy new cameras have been anticipated to ship this rover’s-eye view of the touchdown course of … and certainly they did. Isn’t it nice when issues work as they’re speculated to? The video was well worth the wait, particularly while you get to round 2:42, when Martian mud begins to movement because the rover units down. Wow! Perseverance’s suite of know-how has now offered us with probably the most detailed video and picture data of touchdown on a neighboring world. As Lori Glaze, who heads the Planetary Science Division of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, informed reporters previous to the touchdown:

We’re going to have the ability to watch ourselves land for the primary time on one other planet.

Who is aware of what cool factor Perseverance will present us subsequent, as its science begins?

How was the video obtained? The rover was geared up with an upward-pointing digicam mounted on the again shell of the spacecraft (this defending the rover is named the aeroshell). The upward digicam a have a look at the parachute opening that the rover land softly regardless of Mars’ skinny air. Beneath the rover is a downward-pointing digicam on the descent stage (a type of rocket-powered jet pack that helped fly the rover to its touchdown website), which filmed its first -contact with the on Mars. NASA commented:

The audio embedded within the video comes from the mission management call-outs throughout entry, descent, and touchdown.

A split screen. Left: a red and white parachute is opening. Right: it appears fully deployed.

It is a parachute opening to ease the entry of a spacecraft on one other world! Picture by way of NASA/ JPL-Caltech.

Backside line: New video from NASA’s Perseverance rover exhibits its descent and touchdown on the floor of Mars on February 18, 2021.

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