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March 4, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

If you happen to thought Darwinists have been the storytellers whereas physicists do exhausting science, have a look at this.

Observers of contemporary cosmology already know that the “consultants” imagine we are able to solely detect about 4% of actuality by commentary. The remainder of the universe is made up of fully unknown entities referred to as “darkish matter” and “darkish power,” they inform the non-experts (30 Dec 2020). However their imaginations don’t cease there.

Will this remedy the thriller of the growth of the universe? (College of South Denmark, through Trendy cosmologists are obsessive about their fashions as an alternative of actuality. When actuality contradicts a most well-liked mannequin, they assume nothing of creating up faux realities to get the fashions to work. This text begins with a assured assertion adopted by a contradiction in observations. Observations, we have been taught, are supposed to steer, not comply with.

The universe was created by a large bang; the Massive Bang 13.eight billion years in the past, after which it began to broaden. The growth is ongoing: it’s nonetheless being stretched out in all instructions like a balloon being inflated.

Physicists agree on this a , however one thing is fallacious. Measuring the growth charge of the universe in several methods results in totally different outcomes.

Confronted with this contradiction, the cosmologists in Denmark merely conjured up a brand new form of “darkish power” out of entire material with the intention to get their mannequin to work.

In a brand new scientific article, he and his SDU colleague, postdoc Florian Niedermannn, suggest the existence of a brand new kind of darkish power within the universe. If you happen to embody it within the numerous calculations of the growth of the universe, the outcomes will probably be extra alike.

A brand new kind of darkish power can remedy the issue of the conflicting calculations,” says Martin S. Sloth.

Is that this only a lazy scientist’s technique to power actuality to cooperate with the consensus idea?

Displaying how the tiniest particles in our Universe saved us from full annihilation ( The “antimatter downside” is without doubt one of the most critical challenges to fashionable cosmology. This text admits that.

In keeping with the Massive Bang idea of contemporary cosmology, matter was created with an equal quantity of anti-matter. If it had stayed that approach, matter and anti-matter ought to have ultimately met and annihilated one to 1, main as much as a full annihilation.

However our existence contradicts this idea. To beat a whole annihilation, the Universe will need to have turned a small quantity of anti-matter into matter creating an imbalance between them. The imbalance wanted is just a component in a billion. But it surely has remained a whole thriller when and the way the imbalance was created.

Enter the facility of creativeness. Specialists from a number of worldwide establishments conspire to elucidate the antimatter downside away with imaginary issues that can not be detected: cosmic strings. String idea has had a foul run within the literature, as a result of the imaginary strings that supposedly make up all the things are undetectable and are purely a mathematical curiosity. However myths are available in very useful when one wants one thing to reply this basic problem to the Massive Bang.

“Cosmic strings was in style as a approach of making small variations in mass densities that ultimately turned stars and galaxies, however it died as a result of knowledge excluded this concept. Now with our work, the concept comes again for a special cause. That is thrilling!” says Takashi Hiramatsu, a postdoctoral fellow on the Institute for Cosmic Ray Analysis, College of Tokyo, which runs Japan’s gravitational wave detector KAGRA and Hyper-Kamiokande experiments.

Sure, imagining issues that can not be detected could be very thrilling! Attempt it – in your desires, the place you may swim within the air and picture your self on an alien . Just like the Darwinians, dreaming appears to be what these “consultants” are doing.

It will be actually thrilling to study why we exist in any respect,” says Murayama. “That is the final query in science.”

Theological cosmologists used to say that the entire function of man is to glorify God and to get pleasure from Him endlessly. Nowadays, the aim of science is to think about how the Stuff Happens Law may give man thrilling desires.

Massive Bang idea is just not a deduction from the proof. It’s a godless, secular story imposed on the proof that’s a necessary a part of a whole secular worldview. And it’s loaded with issues! Inflation, darkish matter, darkish power and different imaginary issues are required to prop up the idea towards the antimatter downside, the fine-tuning downside, the lumpiness downside, the horizon downside, the entropy downside, the preliminary circumstances downside, the ignition downside and different issues they’ll’t reply, any one in all which ought to falsify the idea. Don’t be fooled. These false prophets needs to be fired for dreaming on the job. At first God created the heavens and the earth. Biblical cosmology harmonizes with empirically-supported observations like cosmic growth and the . It explains the intense fine-tuning of our universe and the thoughts of man by the aim and attributes of a universe-Maker who’s infinite in energy, knowledge and information. We’re rational as a result of He’s rational. We love as a result of He first beloved us.

BTW, we’ve collected a pile of articles on darkish matter for the reason that new 12 months, however lack the time and motivation to point out all of them. It’s principally extra of the identical, regularly on the lookout for mysterious unknown stuff that they by no discover regardless of higher and dearer detectors (14 Sep 2020, 1 April 2020, 22 Nov 2019). If you’d like us to listing the titles and hyperlinks not less than, go away a remark.


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