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As you’ll be taught on this month’s Sky Tour astronomy podcast, the Moon circles across the whole sky every month and — alongside the best way — passes by many vibrant stars and planets.

For instance, earlier than daybreak on April sixth, you will discover the crescent Moon about 5° — half of a fist — beneath the planet Saturn. Off to the left is far brighter Jupiter. In the future later, on the seventh, the Moon has slid to the left and is now 5° beneath Jupiter. As soon as it reappears within the night sky, it passes close to the brilliant star Aldebaran on the 15th, sitting beneath Mars on the 16th, and slides simply to the left of the brilliant star Pollux on the 1.

Moon pairings in April 2021
Use the Moon to you to many vibrant stars and planets throughout April.
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It is likely to be spring, however most of winter’s vibrant stars are nonetheless hanging round within the hours after sundown. Within the west, Orion is getting fairly low. Above the distinctive horizontal row of three stars that kind the hunter’s belt is reddish star Betelgeuse and beneath it’s the icy white star Rigel.

To the belt’s decrease left, by about two fists, is Sirius, the brightest star within the nighttime sky. This beacon marks the collar of one in every of Orion’s searching canines, Canis Main. The opposite one, Canis Minor, is slightly greater up. Search for its considerably dimmer anchor star, referred to as Procyon.

Excessive up and virtually overhead round 9 o’clock is the distinctive constellation Leo, the Lion. He’s dealing with to the best, along with his head and mane a backward query mark that’s slightly than your clenched fist. On the backside of that sample is Leo’s brightest star, Regulus, which means “little king”. You can too think about these stars as an enormous sickle, the sharp, long-bladed hand that farmers as soon as used to reap grain.

These are only a few of the highlights lined throughout April’s participating and informative Sky Tour astronomy podcast. Simply head exterior, then obtain or stream it to your audio gadget — and also you’ll get a personally guided tour of what’s seen this month.

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