A ‘lump’ of dark may be ripping apart Taurus’ face

The Hyades — a younger, V-shaped cluster of stars swooshing by way of the top of the constellation Taurus — is slowly being ripped aside by an unlimited, invisible mass, a brand new examine suggests. This unrest within the bull’s head might level to an historical cache of darkish matter left over from the Milky Way‘s creation, the examine authors stated.

Within the new paper, revealed March 24 within the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, researchers used information from the European Area Company’s (ESA) Gaia star-mapping tv for pc to research the historical past of the Hyades. Situated about 150 light-years from Earth, this household of a number of hundred stars is the star cluster to our solar system, and it is clearly seen within the evening sky. (Certainly one of its brighter stars, Epsilon Tauri, can be known as the “Bull’s eye” for its distinguished place on the face of Taurus.)

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