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Two web browsers that pay you

These two Chromium-based web browsers pay you for using them. No tasks, no clicking, nothing …

The major web browsers Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. are all free, and they all do perfectly well at loading up your favorite web pages.

They don’t pay you just to use them, though. That would be asking way too much, right?

Here are two web browsers that pay you to use them

Brave and CryptoTab don’t think that’s too much to ask at all.

These are two Chromium-based browsers (i.e., very much like Google Chrome) that have integrated passive income streams.

Seriously. All you need to do is use them to get paid. Surf like you normally do.

I’ll talk about them in the sections that follow.

Brave blocks out obtrusive ads and tracking by default

brave lion painting

The Brave browser was built as an alternative for those who don’t want to be tracked everywhere they go.

By default, Brave blocks “data-grabbing ads and trackers” that slow down your web experience and hand your data to big corporations that sell your highly-targeted eyeballs to the highest bidder.

If you’re a Tor kind of person, fire it up directly in a tab.

Coming to BAT for content creators and advertisers

Taking away all of the ads and tracking, frankly, takes away a lot of the money for many website owners and advertisers.

Unlike some of the straight ad blockers, though, they replaced this missing feature with something that’s arguably better.

It’s part direct support and part advertising, and all private and anonymous. It’s called the Brave Rewards program, which is based on a cryptocurrency designed by Brave called the Basic Attention Token, or BAT.

How it works:

  • Users can fund their BAT wallets directly and give to creators anonymously. Users can give a one-time donation or a monthly donation.
  • Users also have the option of earning BAT by viewing Brave Ads, which are “privacy-respecting” ads that appear occasionally much like a notification. The user doesn’t need to click on the ad to earn the BAT (though they can if they’re interested!)
  • Fairly recently, they opened up the ability to withdraw BAT. This is how you can get paid. View the ads and withdraw the BAT you earn.

How to get paid by using the Brave browser

First, download Brave and install it.

Second, click on the Brave Rewards triangle to the right of the address bar.

Third, on the Brave Rewards screen

  • Turn on Brave Rewards.
  • Turn on Ads and adjust the settings for as many ads as you’d like (up to 5/hour).
  • Turn off Auto-Contribute so that you accumulate the BAT you earn for viewing ads.

Fourth, set up your Uphold wallet on the same screen so that you can eventually withdraw your BAT.

And that’s it!

CryptoTab mines bitcoin automatically in the background

CryptoTab has a different take on passive income than Brave.

As the name suggests, it deals in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, specifically.

bitcoin picture

If you’re not familiar with how bitcoin is created, here’s a very quick explanation.

Bitcoin are created, and transactions of bitcoin are recorded and verified, by a process called “mining.” Simply put, this involves a lot of calculations by a lot of very powerful computers.

CryptoTab contributes to a bitcoin mining pool

One lucky computer every ten minutes or so “wins” and gets a reward of (currently) 6.25 BTC. That’s a lot of money, which is why so many people are spending a ton on hardware to mine these things.

The chances of anyone with a regular computer hitting this jackpot is extremely small. This is called “solo mining.”

But that’s not how CryptoTab works because it pays you a small amount every few minutes or so. How?

A person running CryptoTab is actually contributing to what’s called a mining pool.

The mining pool organizer takes volunteer computers and has them do the bitcoin mining, paying them a small amount every so often as they grind through the calculations, regardless of whether they hit the jackpot or not.

If solo mining is like being a business owner, pool mining (using CryptoTab) is like being an employee who gets a regular paycheck. Low-risk and a regular reward, which is great because it costs nothing extra to get in.

How to get paid using the CryptoTab browser

First, download CryptoTab and install it.

Second, click on the orange circle to the right of the address bar.

Third, adjust the mining speed with the slider in the upper left. The setting goes from zero (no mining) to six (maximum mining).

The higher you set the mining speed, the faster you will earn bitcoin, but also the more CPU power the browser will use. While I’m working in the browser, I set it to one or two so the browsing doesn’t get sluggish.

If I leave the computer for a bit, I’ll set it to six since a sluggish web browser doesn’t matter if you’re not using the browser.

And … that’s it. Withdrawals can be made after building up 1000 satoshis (0.00001 BTC).

Which one is better?

They both work, and I’ve gotten paid using both of them.

If you value privacy and ad-blocking, then I’d go with Brave to earn some extra money.

If you have the means and drive to build up a network, then I’d go with CryptoTab.

Use a web browser that pays you! No clicking needed; just use like you normally do!

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