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For a picture with well-done stars and an epic background, Dave Dev received the Picture of the Week on October 2, 2020 for his picture of Barnard 150, the Seahorse Nebula.

Seahorse Nebula by Dave Dev

Barnard 150 is a darkish nebula situated in Cepheus. On this picture, Dev captured it from Ayton, Ontario, in September 2020.

He stated he used a Nikon D5500 digicam and a Redcat 51mm (f/5) to seize the picture, three min subs totalling 7.7 of information.

Jeff Donaldson’s seize of the Andromeda Galaxy and its neighbours took the honourable point out this week, with one decide noting the “good histogram and good stars.”

Capturing from Enfield, Scotia, Donaldson stated he used a Celestron Nightscape 8300 and a Sky-Watcher ED80 Professional (f/7) to seize Messier 31 over just a few weeks in September 2020.

He additionally famous he shot the Ha throughout a full Moon, and he used PixInsight for processing.

The RGB imaging is a four-panel mosaic for 48 frames of 300 seconds every, for a complete of 4 hours. Donaldson stated the Ha was captured in a four-panel mosaic, six frames at 1,200 seconds every for a complete of two hours. He used an Optolong L-eNhance filter, solely holding crimson channel.

Prizes for the 2020-21 SkyNews Picture of the Week contest are sponsored by Sky-Watcher, Celestron, iOptron and The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Click here for extra particulars on the prize packages that will likely be awarded to the very best photographs this 12 months. 



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