Key things to know about NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

The first powered helicopter flight on Mars
Graphic on the primary powered flight of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on the Crimson Planet, April 19

NASA has made historical past by efficiently flying the mini helicopter Ingenuity on Mars, the primary powered flight on one other planet.

Listed below are some key issues to know.

Proof of idea

The rotorcraft’s first flight lasted 39.1 seconds as Ingenuity lifted itself to a top of 10 ft (three ) after which returned to the Martian floor.

Whereas it does have the capability to fly for 90 seconds and canopy a distance of as much as 980 ft (300 meters), its check runs are deliberately of restricted scope as they’re meant to show solely that the expertise works.

Ingenuity will not be gathering scientific knowledge about Mars or aiding within the seek for previous microbial life.

Earlier expertise demonstrations embrace the Mars Pathfinder rover, Sojourner, which was the primary ever rover to discover one other planet in 1997.

It’s hoped that someday, future plane might help revolutionize exploration of celestial our bodies by going additional and sooner than rovers, and reaching areas laborious to entry by land.

NASA is already making ready to ship Dragonfly, a a lot bigger rotorcraft-lander, to Saturn’s icy Titan the place it would fly a number of sorties searching for extraterrestrial life.

Dragonfly launches in 2026 and may attain its vacation spot by 2034.

Engineering marvel

Tucked underneath the stomach of the Perseverance rover, Ingenuity’s first purpose was to resist launch from Earth, the cruise by means of house, and touchdown on Mars.

Subsequent, it needed to be unlocked and deployed on the Martian floor whereas Perseverance drove away quick sufficient to make sure it did not forged a shadow over Ingenuity that will have prevented the plane’s photo voltaic panels charging up.

That was mandatory so Ingenuity may run its inner heaters to outlive within the chilling Martian night time.

Temperatures on the Jezero , simply north of the equator, plunge to minus 130 levels Fahrenheit (minus 90 levels Celsius), which might have cracked the chopper’s uncovered electronics.

More than a month after Ingenuity reached Mars, NASA announced a surprise: wrapped around a cable under the helicopter's solar p
Greater than a month after Ingenuity reached Mars, NASA introduced a shock: wrapped round a cable underneath the helicopter’s photo voltaic panel is a small swatch of material that was as soon as a part of the wing of the brothers’ 1903 flyer

Reaching elevate in Mars’ rarefied ambiance—which is only one % the density of Earth’s, was a serious technological problem.

Engineers on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory spent six years a craft that’s extremely mild but nonetheless highly effective sufficient to perform the feat.

Its rotors, which span 4 ft (1.2 meters), spin at 2,400 rpm—about 5 occasions greater than a helicopter on Earth. The construction stands 19 inches (0.49 meters) excessive and weighs simply 4 kilos (1.eight kilograms).

Ingenuity does get a serving to hand from Mars’ weak gravity, which is simply one-third of Earth’s.

Software program

Ingenuity’s first flight was deliberate for April 11, nevertheless, it was postponed after the chopper didn’t efficiently execute a deliberate high-speed spin-up check of the rotors on April 9.

NASA recognized a software program situation—particularly an issue with the plane’s “watchdog timer” which alerts Ingenuity to potential issues and pauses its processes if it thinks it has detected an error.

Engineers made a coding tweak that allowed Ingenuity to beat the issue and transition to “flight mode” accurately.

However the Ingenuity group, led by Burmese-American engineer MiMi Aung, have been solely 85 % certain this resolution would work.

They’d one other concept—acquainted to IT managers all over the place—in case it didn’t: reinstalling the flight software program and rebooting.

Since it’s so removed from Earth and can’t be piloted by a human, Ingenuity is pre-programmed with sure parameters, after which it additionally makes key selections by itself in the course of the flight, utilizing sensor and digicam knowledge.

A (literal) piece of historical past

Greater than a month after Ingenuity reached Mars, NASA introduced a shock: wrapped round a cable underneath the helicopter’s photo voltaic panel is a small swatch of material that was as soon as a part of the wing of the Wright brothers’ 1903 flyer.

This plane traveled 120 ft (36 meters) in a 12 second jump over the sand-covered Outer Banks of North Carolina, ushering within the period of powered flight on Earth.

“As an homage to the 2 modern bicycle makers from Dayton, this primary of many airports on different worlds will now be generally known as Wright Brothers Subject,” introduced NASA Affiliate Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen after Ingenuity’s maiden voyage.

NASA’s Mars copter flight may occur as quickly as Monday

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