China launches second Gaofen 12 Earth observation satellite –

China launched a brand new distant sensing satellite tv for pc on March 30 from the Jiuquan Satellite tv for pc Launch Heart. Launch of Gaofen-12 (02) came about at 22:45 UTC from the LC-43/94 launch complicated utilizing a Chang Zheng 4C (Y36) rocket.

In line with official info, the brand new satellite tv for pc will primarily be used for land census, city planning, land rights disputes, highway community design, crop estimation, and catastrophe prevention and mitigation in addition to different fields.

Gaofen collection of satellites

Gaofen (“Excessive Decision”) are a collection of civilian Earth remark satellites launched for the state-sponsored China Excessive-definition Earth Statement System (CHEOS), which formally started improvement in Might 2010 as a serious nationwide science and expertise .

The Earth Statement System and Information Heart of the China Nationwide House Administration (EOSDC-CNSA) was established to arrange the development of the CHEOS community that’s itself a near-real-time, all-weather, world surveillance community consisting of the satellites, stratosphere airships, and aerial remark platforms.

EOSDC-CNSA can be answerable for Earth Statement software providers, industrial improvement, expertise consultations, and worldwide cooperation.

A Chang Zheng 4C launching from Jiuquan. (Credit score: China Every day Information)

For the Gaofen a part of the CHEOS system, the preliminary plan concerned 5 satellites, with the primary one – Gaofen-1 – launching on April 26, 2013.

The primary Gaofen-12 satellite tv for pc was launched from the Taiyuan Satellite tv for pc Launch Heart utilizing a Chang Zheng 4C on November 27, 2019. It, together with the now-launched second Gaofen 12, are outfitted with high-resolution functionality by way of a microwave distant sensing system, with floor decision as much as the sub-meter degree. 

The Gaofen-12 collection was developed by the Eighth Academy of the China Science and Expertise Company and the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Expertise (SAST).

Launch car

General, this was the 364th mission of the Chang Zheng household of launch automobiles.

With its major commonality matched to the Chang Zheng 4B, the 4C’s first stage has a 27.9 meter size, a 3.35 meter diameter, and holds 183,340 kg of N2O4/UDMH (dinitrogen tetroxide/unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine).

The stage is supplied with 4 YF-21C engines able to a floor thrust of two,971 kN and a ground-specific impulse of two,550 Ns/kg. 

The second stage has a 10.40 meter size with a 3.35 meter diameter and holds 52,700  kg of N2O4/UDMH.

It features a YF-22C major engine able to a vacuum thrust of 742 kN and 4 YF-23C vernier engines with a vacuum thrust of 47.1 kN. They’ve particular impulses of two,922 Ns/kg and a couple of,834 Ns/kg, respectively).

The third stage has a 14.79 meter size with a 2.9 meter diameter and holds 12,814 kg of N2O4/UDMH. Having a gross mass of 14,560 kg, it’s outfitted with a YF-40A engine able to a vacuum thrust of 100.eight kN and a particular impulse in a vacuum of two,971 Ns/kg.

The Jiuquan Satellite tv for pc Launch Heart, in Ejin-Banner – a county in Alashan League of the Internal Mongolia Autonomous Area – was the primary Chinese language satellite tv for pc launch middle and is also referred to as the Shuang Cheng Tze launch middle. 

The primary launch came about on April 24, 1970 when the Chang Zheng 1 rocket launched the primary Chinese language satellite tv for pc, the Dongfanghong-1.

The positioning features a Technical Heart, two Launch Complexes, Mission Command and Centre, Launch Management Heart, propellant fuelling programs, monitoring and communication programs, fuel provide programs, climate forecast programs, and logistics assist.

Jiuquan was initially used to launch scientific and recoverable satellites into medium or low Earth orbits at excessive inclinations. It’s also the place from the place all of the Chinese language crewed missions are launched.

The LC-43 launch complicated, also referred to as South Launch Website (SLS), is supplied with two launch pads: 91 and 94. Launch Pad 9 (SLS-1) is used for the crewed program to launch the Chang Zheng 2F launch car with Shenzhou and Tiangong.

Launch Pad 94 (SLS-2) is used for uncrewed orbital launches of the Chang Zheng 2C, 2D, and Chang Zheng 4C launch automobiles.

Different launch zones on the launch web site are used for strong propellant launch automobiles.

Gearing up for crewed spaceflight

At Jiuquan, launch preparations proceed for the upcoming Shenzhou-12 crewed mission, presently scheduled for . This launch will happen after the orbital insertion of the -1 base module of China’s upcoming Tiangong area station. 

The crewed Shenzhou 10 mission off from Jiuquan on a Chang Zheng 2F rocket on 11 June 2013. (Credit score: CNSA)

Tianhe-1’s launch is presently anticipated for April 29, adopted in Might by the launch of the Tianzhou-2 (TZ-2) cargo car. TZ-2 will mechanically dock to Tianhe-1 a couple of days after launch in an orbital ballet that was rehearsed in April and June 2017 when Tianzhou-1 docked with the Tiangong-2 area station.

At the moment, 12 taikonauts are getting ready for missions that will likely be essential for establishing a everlasting occupation of Tiangong in orbit.

Shenzhou-12 will keep in orbit for a number of months, however it’s unsure if the three taikonauts of the  mission will the brand new station to the Shenzhou-13 crew launching in October in a direct handover or if they’ll return earlier than the following crew launches.

The Shenzhou-12 mission will principally check the brand new area station’s programs, putting in new {hardware} transported by the Tianzhou-2 and getting ready Tianhe-1 for the arrival of modules (Wentian and Mengtian) scheduled for launch in 2022.

(Lead picture: A Chang Zheng 4C launches the Gaofen 12 (02) satellite tv for pc from Jiuquan. Credit score: CASC)

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