Apollo 17: Diary of the 12th Man, Part 7

Photograph reveals Apollo 17’s Jack Schmitt carrying the gnomon again in direction of the rover after observing and sampling the east aspect of an enormous boulder. The vertical arrow within the distance factors to the Module Challenger, situated roughly 2 miles (3.1 kilometers) away.
score: NASA


“Pages of Historical past” constitutes the seventh installment of “Apollo 17: Diary of the Twelfth Man.” It’s Chapter 12 of the “Diary” with different chapters to observe.

This chapter chronicles EVA-3, the continuation of the exploration of the lunar floor at Taurus-Littrow on the third day after touchdown, now over 48 years in the past.

Try America’s deep dive into area by people within the 20th century as recounted by Apollo 17’s Jack Schmitt with Ronald A. Wells as editor.

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