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SN10 after its touchdown on the Boca Chica launch website. : SpaceX.

Paris, 5 2021. – One other RUD (fast unscheduled disassembly), one other fireball: SpaceX’s newest Starship SN10 flew and efficiently however exploded on the positioning some minutes after its touchdown.

“Starship serial quantity (SN10) efficiently accomplished SpaceX’s third high-altitude flight check of a Starship prototype from our website in Cameron County, Texas,” SpaceX stated.

SN10 was the third Starship check flight, and the third – after SN8 and SN9 – that the car exploded. It was, nonetheless, the primary time that it landed .

SN10 was powered by ascent by three engines, every shutting down in sequence previous to the car reaching apogee – roughly 10 km in altitude, SpaceX stated. “SN10 carried out a propellant transition to the interior header tanks, which maintain touchdown propellant, than reorienting itself for reentry and a managed aerodynamic descent” in addition to a “exact touchdown on the meant location”.

“As if the flight check was not thrilling sufficient, SN10 skilled a fast unscheduled disassembly shortly after touchdown,” SpaceX . “All in all an incredible for the Starship groups”!



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