Perseverance rover captures the sounds of driving on Mars

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired this picture utilizing its onboard left Navigation Digital camera (Navcam). The digital camera is situated excessive on the rover’s mast and aids in driving. This picture was acquired on Mar. 7, 2021 (Sol 16). Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s latest rover recorded audio of itself crunching over the floor of the Pink Planet, including a complete new dimension to Mars exploration.

Because the Perseverance rover started to make tracks on the floor of Mars, a delicate microphone it carries scored a primary: the bangs, pings, and rattles of the robotic’s six wheels as they rolled over Martian terrain.

“Lots of people, once they see the pictures, do not respect that the wheels are steel,” stated Vandi Verma, a senior engineer and rover driver at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. “Once you’re driving with these wheels on rocks, it is really very noisy.”

Greater than 16 minutes of sounds from Perseverance’s 90-foot (27.3-meter) drive on March 7 have been captured by Perseverance’s entry, descent, and touchdown (EDL) microphone, which stays operational on the rover after its historic landing on Feb. 18. The off-the-shelf microphone was added to the rover to assist take the general public alongside for the experience throughout landing, however mission members have been keen to listen to the sounds from the floor, too.

“If I heard these sounds driving my automobile, I would pull over and name for a tow,” stated Dave Gruel, lead engineer for Mars 2020’s EDL Digital camera and Microphone subsystem. “However should you take a minute to think about what you are listening to and the place it was recorded, it makes excellent sense.”

Two variations of the audio clip of the identical drive have been launched to the general public on March 17. The primary model over 16 minutes of uncooked, unfiltered sounds of the rover touring in Crater. In it, the noise generated by the interplay of Perseverance’s mobility system (its wheels and suspension) with the floor will be heard, together with a high-pitched scratching noise. Perseverance’s engineering group continues to guage the supply of the scratching noise, which can both be electromagnetic interference from one of many rover’s electronics bins or interactions between the mobility system and the Martian floor. The EDL microphone was not supposed for floor operations and had restricted testing on this configuration earlier than launch.

The second model is a shorter compilation of sounds from the longer uncooked recording of the drive. For this 90-second model, NASA engineers mixed three segments from the uncooked audio file (sections 0:20-0:45, 6:40-7:10, and 14:30-15:00), processing and enhancing them to filter out a few of the noise.

This primary audio of a drive throughout the Martian floor joins a rising playlist of Mars sounds beamed again to Earth from Perseverance. A second microphone, a part of the rover’s SuperCam instrument, beforehand picked up the sighing of Martian wind and the speedy ticking sound of the instrument’s laser zapping rocks to particulars of their construction and composition. Such data will assist scientists as they search Jezero Crater for indicators of historical microscopic life, taking samples of rock and sediment to be returned to Earth by future missions.

The SuperCam sounds have been a part of a collection of techniques checks the rover has gone by means of, starting from the unstowing of Perseverance’s large robotic arm to creating its first climate observations utilizing the Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer.

The rover has additionally been trying to find an appropriate airfield for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter to aim its first flight checks. Now that the precise spot has been discovered, the Perseverance and Ingenuity groups are planning for the rover to deploy the helicopter, which can have 30 Martian days, or sols (31 Earth days), to finish as much as 5 take a look at flights.

After which the hunt for historical life will start in earnest, with Perseverance exploring terrain as soon as considered lined with water. Between the ‘s 19 cameras and its two microphones, the expertise will likely be filled with sights and sounds. For Verma, who has helped “drive” NASA’s final 4 Mars rovers, planning their routes and transmitting directions to allow them to take a day’s drive throughout uncharted terrain, the audio is extra than simply cool.

“The variations between Earth and Mars—now we have a sense for that visually,” she stated. “However sound is a complete completely different dimension: to see the variations between Earth and Mars, and expertise that setting extra intently.”

Mars 2020 Perseverance rover to capture sounds from the red planet

Perseverance rover captures the sounds of driving on Mars (2021, March 18)
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