NASA Mars Orbiter Spots China’s Lander/Rover

Credit score: NASA/JPL/UArizona

on digicam! NASA’s super-powerful Hello-RISE digicam on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has ’s -1 lander the Zhurong rover in Southern Planitia.

HiRISE acquired the picture on June 6.

Paintings depicts lander/rover at touchdown website.
Credit score:

“Clearly seen are what we interpret because the lander surrounded by a blast sample, and the rover itself a bit to the after it descended from the lander,” in line with the HiRISE web site on the College of Arizona in Tucson. “The lander’s parachute & backshell in addition to its warmth defend are additionally seen.”

This picture exhibits the encircling terrain to be very typical of southern Utopia Planitia, with a clean and principally boulder-free area. The brilliant curving options are aeolian (windblown) landforms.

China’s Tianwen-1 lander/rover efficiently landed on Could 14, 2021.

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