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How ESA helps NASA. Supply: ESA

Paris, 12 February 2021. – Countdown on the Crimson Planet: the touchdown of NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance shall be supported by ESA, the European House Company stated.

NASA’s Mars rover is because of land on 18 February. So as to talk with the Earth, the rover will use current spacecraft orbiting Mars to relay photos and different information again to Earth and go on the instructions from engineers within the different path, ESA stated.

Two ESA Mars orbiters – the ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars Hint Gasoline Orbiter (TGO) and Mars Specific – are supporting the touchdown. TGO will begin to relay information from Perseverance to Earth proper after the touchdown whereas Mars Specific will monitor the native situations on the touchdown web site, the Jezero Crater.

TGO arrived at Mars in October 2016 and is conducting an in depth research of the environment, mapping indicators of water under the planet’s floor. The orbiter is operated from Darmstadt, Germany.


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