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Sentinel-1. Picture: ESA

Paris, 24 February 2021. – Concord is on its : The European Area Company (ESA) has chosen the Concord satellite tv for pc idea to maneuver with its tenth scientific Earth Explorer mission.

Concord is conceived as a mission with two satellites that orbit in formation with one of many Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites to deal with key scientific questions associated to the ocean, ice and land dynamics, ESA stated.

Three ideas – Daedalus, Concord (previously Stereoid) and Hydroterra (previously G-Class) – have been underneath overview since 2018 to scrutinize their scientific, technical and budgetary feasibility, the company stated.

Concord contains two similar satellites that might fly in convoy with a Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite tv for pc. Every satellite tv for pc is to hold a receive-only artificial aperture radar as its major instrument. Working with Sentinel-1, the 2 Concord’s would offer information to measure small shifts within the form of the land floor and of glaciers. They’d additionally carry a multibeam thermal-infrared instrument to measure cloud actions and the sea-surface and would offer simultaneous measurements of wind, waves, and currents, ESA stated.

Technically, Concord measurements over timescales starting from tens of milliseconds (to measure ocean currents) to years (to measure strong Earth floor movement).



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