China’s Landing on Mars: Step by Step Success

Credit score: CGTN

The lander of China’s first Mars probe, the Tianwen-1, efficiently touched down on the Pink Planet Saturday morning, Beijing time, inside a touchdown web site area in Utopia Planitia.

The craft’s plummet via the Martian ambiance lasted about 9 minutes as a of specifically designed aerodynamic form of the entry capsule.

“Every step had just one probability, and the actions have been carefully linked. If there had been any flaw, the touchdown would have failed,” mentioned Geng Yan, an official on the Lunar and Area Program Heart of the China Nationwide Area (CNSA).

Credit score: CCTV/CNSA

Credit score: CCTV/CNSA

When the rate of the spacecraft was lowered from 4.eight km per second to about 460 meters per second, an enormous parachute overlaying an space of about 200 sq. meters was unfurled to proceed decreasing the rate to lower than 100 meters per second.

The parachute and the outer protect of the spacecraft have been jettisoned, exposing the lander and rover. A retrorocket on the lander was fired to additional gradual the velocity of the craft to just about zero.

Buffer legs

At about 100 meters above the Martian floor, the craft hovered to determine obstacles and measure the slopes of the floor. The craft then chosen a comparatively flat space and descended slowly, touching down safely on its 4 buffer legs.

It took floor controllers greater than an hour to ascertain the success of the pre-programmed touchdown. Reportedly, the rover autonomously unfolded its photo voltaic panels and antenna to transmit alerts after touchdown. There’s a time delay of greater than 17 minutes as a result of distance between Earth and Mars.

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“The Mars exploration mission has been a complete success,” declared Zhang Kejian, head of the CNSA, introduced on the Beijing Aerospace Management Heart.

Roll off of the Zhurong rover from the lander onto Mars shouldn’t be scheduled to happen for a number of days, in line with stories.  


Tianwen-1 consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover. As a result of large distance between Mars and Earth, the Zhurong rover can’t transmit information again to Earth immediately, however does so via the orbiter.

In an effort to transmit information precisely and well timed, the Mars-circling orbiter will conduct a braking maneuver in a couple of days and enter a relay orbit to raised full the relay communication activity.

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“We’re going to conduct the fourth braking close to Mars on Could 17 and the orbital interval from the present roughly 48 hours to eight hours, which implies the orbiter will orbit 3 times a day. All photographs captured by the rover on the Mars floor might be despatched again to Earth via the orbiter,” mentioned Zhang Yuhua, deputy chief commander of the Tianwen-1 Mars mission.

Rover lifetime

In response to the schedule, the rover will transmit information with the orbiter for about an hour a day throughout its mission on the floor of Mars. The information might be despatched again to Earth after the transmission.

Paintings depicts lander/rover at touchdown web site.
Credit score: CAST

The rover is designed to work on the planet for a minimum of 90 Martian days.

Tianwen-1 was launched from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Web site on the coast of southern Chinese language island province of Hainan on July 23, 2020.

The identify Tianwen — which Inquiries to Heaven — comes from a poem written by the traditional Chinese language poet Qu Yuan (about 340-278 BC).

China’s Zhurong rover is known as after the god of fireside in historic Chinese language mythology, which echoes with the Chinese language identify of the pink planet: Huoxing (the planet of fireside).

Video/Graphic sources

Plenty of movies and a China International Tv Community (CGTN) graphic element the Tianwen-1 Mars mission.

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