A pocket guide to Mars: Now you can an atlas for the Red Planet

A pocket guide to Mars
Map from the Pocket Atlas of Mars 36. Credit score: NASA/JPL/ASU/ESA/H. Hargitai

A pocket atlas of Mars has been printed that makes use of geographic strategies developed for terrestrial maps to disclose a wealth of details about the floor of the Purple Planet, in addition to its local weather and cloud cowl. The atlas is being offered this week on the 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Convention.

The 84-page atlas is at present accessible in English, Hungarian and Czech, and might be accessible in a digital format later this yr. The atlas, which has been developed to be used in astronomy golf equipment and colleges, was funded by the Europlanet Society via its Central European Hub.

The principle a part of the atlas consists of a sequence of double spreads exhibiting every of the 30 cartographic quadrangles into which the floor of Mars has been divided by the US Geological Survey. The landforms created by lava, wind, water, and ice are proven individually on a topographic base map, highlighting options corresponding to dune fields, mountain peaks, volcanic calderas, caves, historical dried-up lakes and deltas, and fault traces.

For the primary time in a broadcast Mars atlas, are included, which present 13 climatic zones with boundaries outlined by combining seasonal temperature and frost knowledge. A sequence of local weather diagrams present the variation in temperature via the martian yr for every of the zones. As well as, a climate map reveals the temperature at floor throughout the western hemisphere of Mars on the two annual solstices.

  • A pocket guide to Mars
    Double unfold of thematic map of Tharsis area of Mars (Mars Chart 09) from the Pocket Atlas of Mars 36. The dimensions of the map is 1cm=107 km. Credit score: NASA/JPL/GSFC/ESA/DLR/FU/H. Hargitai
  • A pocket guide to Mars
    Double unfold of thematic map of Iapygia area of Mars (Mars Chart 21) from the Pocket Atlas of Mars 36. The dimensions of the map is 1cm=106 km. Credit score: NASA/JPL/GSFC/ESA/DLR/FU/H. Hargitai

The atlas additionally contains an albedo map, derived from knowledge from Mars Specific and Mars World Surveyor, which reveals the quantity of daylight mirrored from the floor, the incessantly cloudy areas and the utmost space coated by the seasonal caps of frozen carbon dioxide and water ice on the martian poles.

The map editor, Henrik Hargitai of the Eötvös Loránd College, Budapest and former chair of the Fee on Planetary Cartography of the Worldwide Cartographic Affiliation, mentioned: “The maps within the atlas are manually edited, utilizing correct knowledge from missions and fashions. Thematic maps that reveal patterns in bodily geography have been used for many years for in terrestrial atlases, however that is the primary time that they’re accessible in an atlas for Mars. The publication of this version is a end result of mapping efforts over the past 20 years. The atlas additionally features a one-page calendar for Mars yr 36, protecting the interval from February 2021 to December 2022, which explains the milestones within the seasonal modifications on Mars.”

A pocket guide to Mars
Climate map of western hemisphere of Mars from the Pocket Atlas of Mars 36. Credit score: Neglect et al/Mars Local weather Database 5.three LMD/OU/IAA/ESA/CNES/NASA/JPL/Malin Area Science Methods/H. Hargitai

Future plans for the atlas embrace the addition of themed maps that present areas of curiosity intimately, and atlas-based actions for educators. In addition to being a instrument for outreach and training, this kind of multi-themed map may very well be helpful for the in decoding the geologic evolution of Mars, estimating whether or not an space would possibly ever have hosted , or figuring out in-situ assets to help future human exploration missions.

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