Plains Coreopsis Grow and Care Guide

The pretty yellow flower on the left looks like someone placed a little dab of strawberry jam in the center of each one. They are called “Plains Coreopsis” or “tickseed” and stands out so nicely on our Hugelkultur bed. Dozens and dozens of them attracting pollinators and pleasing my eyes.

I didn’t know what they were called so I put a picture and request identification. It wasn’t up there long before when my online friend from the south Grant Meyers on Google+ responded with a Plains Coreopsis Wikipedia link.

Plains Coreopsis Grow and Care Guide

Once I knew the name I was able to check online for more info on the Coreopsis Tinctoria. That’s when I learned it’s an annual so I will have to collect seeds this fall and reseed them each year. I have heard that some will survive the winter to reseed themselves.

The Plains Coreopsis is part of the Aster family of flowers and grows to about 3 feet tall if they need to in order to reach the sunlight. At least that’s how tall they grew on my Hugelkultur bed but then again they had to compete with other flowers growing to three feet tall.

The Plains Coreopsis seeds were in a wildflower seed pack I bought to spread on our huge culture bed and are now common to Canada, U.S., and Mexico. They are most plentiful on the Great Plains which I guess is why they are called Plains Coreopsis.

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