Out with the Air Mattress, In with the Modern Sofa Bed

Out with the Air Mattress, In with the Modern Sofa Bed

My brothers and I are very close. We like to spend as much time as we can together. And since they live two hours south of me, they like to visit their big sis in the city for weekend getaways.  When they both come over, sleeping arrangements are tricky. I don’t have a guest bed, but my office is big enough to inflate an air mattress.  But lately, they’ve been crashing on my couch, which is super comfy by the way. Out with the air mattress, in with the modern sofa bed

They both came up for the weekend three weeks ago. I offered to inflate the air mattress, but they both declined. They said it was uncomfortable and it deflates. So as we were having this discussion in my office, I had an idea. I turned around to my Mac and Googled “modern sofa bed.” I could get one.

We came across 247shopathome.com and saw lots of great, modern furniture. My brothers thought I should buy two 5-position microfiber sleeper/lounge chairs as well as a modern sofa bed. So we compromised. I was going to get the sleeper chairs from 247shopathome.com, but going to buy the sofa bed at a store and use my husband’s truck to get it that very day. I got a great deal on the chairs with flat rate shipping of $2.99! I love bargains!

But when we got to the stores, the selection on a leather futon sofa bed was pretty skimpy.  But since we needed it that day, we did what we could with what was available. The boys and I ended up going to three stores before we finally picked one we liked. They had to try out the leather futon sofa bed since that’s what they’d be sleeping on.

The boys loaded it in the truck and were troopers about putting it together in my office. My husband even pitched in to make it faster so they could sit on the back deck and enjoy a few drinks and have some man time.

While they did that, I got back online and browsed more stylish and modern furniture from 24/7 Shop at Home. I had to get a modern bookcase and a coffee table for our family room. It’s funny how needing something like a comfortable futon can lead to me spending more money. My husband may not be pleased, but he’ll at least enjoy what I purchased. We have similar taste so he’ll complain about the money at first but forget later.

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