Spiral Galaxy NGC 1398

Spiral Galaxy NGC 1398

This image reveals spectacular ribbons of gasoline and dirt wrapping across the pearly centre of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1398. This galaxy is situated within the constellation of Fornax (The Furnace), roughly 65 million light-years away.

Relatively than starting on the very center of the galaxy and swirling outwards, NGC 1398’s swish spiral arms stem from a straight bar, shaped of stars, that cuts by way of the galaxy’s central area. Most spiral galaxies — round two thirds — are noticed to have this function, nevertheless it’s not but clear whether or not or how these bars have an effect on a galaxy’s behaviour and growth.

This picture contains knowledge gathered by the FOcal Reducer/low dispersion Spectrograph 2 (FORS2) instrument, mounted on ESO’s Very Massive Telescope (VLT) at Paranal Observatory, Chile. It reveals NGC 1398 in placing element, from the darkish lanes of mud mottling its spiral arms, by way of to the pink-hued star-forming areas sprinkled all through its outer areas.

This picture was created as a part of the ESO Cosmic Gems programme, an outreach initiative to supply pictures of attention-grabbing, intriguing or visually enticing objects utilizing ESO telescopes, for the needs of schooling and public outreach. The programme makes use of telescope time that can’t be used for science observations. All knowledge collected may be appropriate for scientific functions, and are made accessible to astronomers by way of ESO’s science archive.

Picture Credit score: ESO
Rationalization from: https://www.eso.org/public/pictures/potw1801a/


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