Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction Viewing Guide

When two celestial objects come collectively within the sky, it’s
known as a conjunction. Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions occur each 20
years. Since they’re our photo voltaic system’s two largest worlds and shine
significantly brilliant, their gorgeous bi-decadal meetup has a particular
title: a fantastic conjunction.

Like eclipses, conjunctions are one of many best methods for
people to discern the motion of celestial objects. It simply so
occurred that the good conjunction on 21 December was additionally the December
Solstice: the shortest day of the yr for northern hemispherians and
the longest day of the yr for southern hemispherians. The 2 occasions
aren’t associated, however they seem to be a bonus purpose to step outdoors, benefit from the
grandeur of the cosmos, and connect yourself and others to the night sky.

To see the good conjunction, go outdoors anytime this month shortly after sundown. Search for the 2 brilliant dots low within the southwest. Jupiter seems as a brilliant star, whereas Saturn is barely less-bright with a yellow hue. Every day they drifted nearer collectively till 21 December, once they virtually appeared to the touch. By way of binoculars and wide-angle telescopes, you would see each planets on the similar time, together with Saturn’s rings and a few of Jupiter’s moons. After the 21st the planets began drifting aside, and so they gained’t be this shut once more till 2080.


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