A dwarf planet, a rogue planet, and a glow-in-the-dark moon

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What occurs when a planet has no star? The latest discovery of an exoplanet wandering the galaxy by itself prompts many intriguing questions: The place did it come from? How did it kind? And is it even price contemplating the chance that it is likely to be liveable? Radek Poleski, one of many astronomers who made this discovery, joins Mat Kaplan in this week’s Planetary Radio to debate the rogue planet and the thrilling prospects it’d maintain. Pictured: An artist’s impression of the gravitational microlensing impact that allowed Poleski and his workforce to search out the free-floating planet. Picture credit score: Jan Skowron/Astronomical Observatory, College of Warsaw.

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The mud is settling within the aftermath of the U.S.’s 2020 election season. What does it imply for area? The latest article from Planetary Society chief advocate Casey Dreier explores some broad implications for NASA’s general path and, particularly, penalties for The Planetary Society’s three major areas of curiosity: planetary exploration, the seek for life, and planetary protection.

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Our vacation reward information is right here! With the assistance of our members and readers such as you, we’ve put collectively a gift guide for people who love space. Whether or not you have fun a gift-giving vacation or are simply at all times looking out for enjoyable area stuff, try our checklist of cosmically cool garments, jewellery, toys, books, and extra.

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Mark your calendars for the 2029 asteroid Apophis flyby! On 13 April 2029, a near-Earth asteroid named Apophis will cross as shut as 30,600 kilometers (19,000 miles) above the Earth—nearer than geostationary communications satellites. Worry not—we all know that the asteroid received’t affect our planet. However this occasion will create unprecedented alternatives to lift public consciousness of the asteroid menace. Planetary Society chief scientist Bruce Betts and chief advocate Casey Dreier introduced a paper on this chance finally week’s Apophis T-9 Years workshop.


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