How to DIY Gothic Home Decorating Ideas

How to DIY Goth Home Decor

DIY Gothic Home Decorating, perhaps you favor the look of faded, formal Victorian interiors, or maybe you want to decorate your home to fit your goth aesthetic. Whatever your motivation, you can achieve this décor style yourself with a little effort and creativity. If you are on a budget, you can look for antique furniture and ornate accessories at estate sales and thrift stores. Dark wall colors and luxurious textiles create a mysterious and elegant environment.

DIY Gothic Home Decorating Ideas


1. Choose dark wall colors, such as garnet, sapphire, dark brown and gray. Opt for a ceiling paint in light gray or beige; white paint will draw attention to low ceilings. Paint the ceiling before you paint the walls. Use a brush to paint around the edges of the ceiling and walls and roll out the expanse of the walls with a paint roller.

2. Spray chandeliers and wall sconces with two coats of black spray paint. Install the light fixtures, taking care not to damage the paint job.

3. Make window treatments by draping long lengths of velvet fabric over curtain rods. Tack lace fabric to the upper inside corners of the window frame for panels. Soak new lace in tea to give it an aged appearance.

DIY Goth Home Decor

4. Look for dark furniture with carved details and gothic arches. Cover existing furniture that does not fit the goth style with dark fabric and lace textiles.

5. Select accessories that have a hint of the macabre. Look for medical specimens, animal bones, candelabras and tarnished urns in second-hand stores and flea markets. Paint accessories with black spray paint, if desired. Arrange a bouquet of dried roses as a reminder of the transience of life.

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