How to Use Concrete Blocks in the Home and Garden

How to Use Concrete Blocks in the Home and Garden

Concrete blocks are useful and affordable building tools; however, they have many other uses in the home and garden. You can leave the concrete blocks as they are, or they can be covered with fabric or painted to improve their appearance. With some inexpensive tools and a little creativity, you’ll have your home and garden looking great in a snap.

How to Use Concrete Blocks in the Home and Garden

Concrete Blocks in the Home and Garden


1. Create an inexpensive bookshelf for any room of your home with a few boards and concrete blocks. Get creative when building your bookshelf, painting the wood and blocks, and building it to fit. Try leaving the holes facing out for convenient cubbies or candle holders. A concrete block shelf is also a great way to organize the garage.

2. Use a concrete block as a non-slip children’s stool. While kids may need a boost to reach a bathroom sink, they are also very curious and like to use their stool for reaching places you may not want them exploring. Apart from aiding them in getting into trouble, small light-weight stools can easily slip under little legs, especially on a wet bathroom floor. Decorate a concrete block with paint or cover it with waterproof fabric for a difficult to move and non-slip children’s stool.

3. Paint the outside of concrete brick and place it in your garden, along walkways, or on your patio for a decorative addition to your home and garden. Plant flowers or other decorative plants inside the holes. Not only is this a quick and easy flower pot it will also drain well, helping to aerate the roots of your plants.

4. Build a garden bench with concrete blocks and aboard. Paint the concrete blocks any color you like and build two squares using four concrete blocks each for your bench support. Be sure the top two blocks face the opposite direction than the bottom two blocks for added stability. Place a wood board over the concrete block ends to finish the garden bench.

5. Liven up your patio or garden with a concrete block flower display. You can use concretes bricks and boards to create a decorative flower display made to fit in any location. Build your display along a fence in your garden, on a terrace or patio, or near your front door. Paint your concrete blocks any way you like and place potted plants on the boards or inside of cubbies.

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