Big Swing Trade Gains on a Biotech Leader

If you’re a regular reader of my work, you probably already know how I feel about quantitative trading. (I am The Oxford Club’s Quantitative Strategist, after all.)

But for those who are newer, I’ll offer a quick recap…

Quantitative (or quant) trading uses computerized data analysis and mathematical functions to identify opportunities in the stock market. One of the many advantages of quant trading is that it removes human psychology from the equation. Decisions are based solely on data – not on emotion.

Traditionally, quant trading was available to only large financial institutions and hedge funds. But the explosion in computing power in recent years has made quantitative analysis more accessible to individual investors.

I have been studying quantitative trading strategies for years. And after evaluating a variety of quant systems, I identified one strategy that is particularly powerful: swing trading.

Swing trading aims to capture quick profits from short-term stock moves – swings. Investors can use it to make money no matter what the overall stock market is doing, making it an excellent strategy in all market conditions.

After spending several years developing and perfecting my own swing trading system, I launched my Oxford Swing Trader research service at The Oxford Club. In it, I use sophisticated software to identify the best swing trade opportunities based on numerous algorithms.

To show you just how fast and effective swing trading can be, I’m sharing the details of a recent 53.7% gain we closed in just six trading days. Click the video below to learn all about it.

A $56,000 Mistake

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