How to Attach Accessories to a Dremel

How to Attach Accessories to a Dremel

The Dremel accessories is a multi-purpose rotary tool. It has a wide variety of accessories to perform just about any small job in the home. Some accessories require special attachments to help guide the bit while working with the Dremel. Attaching accessories to a Dremel is a straight forward process. If you do have a need for an attachment, always attach the bit accessory first. The attachments cover the collet which is necessary to secure bits and other accessories.

How to Attach Accessories to a Dremel


1. Turn off the Dremel and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Locate and hold the collet lock button with your thumb. The collet lock button is the button near the operating end of the Dremel.

2. Turn the collet nut counterclockwise with the supplied wrench or a small wrench that fits the nut. The collet nut acts as a chuck on a drill to secure the shafts of accessories.

3. Insert the shaft of the accessory into the center of the collet until it seats fully into the Dremel. Twist the collet nut clockwise until it is hand tight. Turn the nut another 1/4-turn with the wrench.

4. Remove the nose cap on the front of the Dremel if your accessory requires a special attachment such as the grout removal, chainsaw sharpening, and multi-purpose cutting guide. Turn the nose cap counterclockwise to remove it from the Dremel. Thread the attachment onto the Dremel clockwise until it is tight.

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