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Armagh Observatory and Planetarium have been out in the present day (Thursday 10 June) to seize a glimpse of the partial photo voltaic eclipse. It was the primary one seen from Eire since March 2015.

A photo voltaic eclipse occurs when the comes between the Solar and the Earth. A partial photo voltaic eclipse occurs when the solely partly covers the Solar. The kind of photo voltaic eclipse that can all the time depends upon the place the Moon is in its elliptical and barely tilted orbit – because of this there isn’t a photo voltaic eclipse each month through the New Moon.

Heather Alexander, Senior Schooling Officer at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium explains: “Right now roughly 31% of the Solar was eclipsed by the Moon as seen from Armagh. In the meantime, of Canada, the North Pole, and Jap Siberia noticed an annular eclipse, with the Moon over the center of the Solar however not fairly overlaying it, leaving a ‘ring of fireplace’ throughout the perimeters. The subsequent partial photo voltaic eclipse seen from Armagh will probably be on 25th October 2022, with much less Solar eclipsed by the Moon than in the present day.

“The gear utilized by the workforce in the present day is named a solarscope. It’s a piece of apparatus specifically designed to soundly observe the Solar. The view finder is pointed on the Solar and the magnified reflection of the Solar is then projected onto the cardboard. photo voltaic telescopes and filters have been additionally utilized by our to view the eclipse. It is best to by no means look immediately on the Solar.”

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