New study sews doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe

New study sews doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe
In 1572, the Danish physicist Tycho Brahe found this supernova referred to as Stella Nova. By measuring the gap from this supernova and different novas, researchers in a while concluded, that the is increasing consistently and with accellerating pace. score: NASA/CXC/SAO

Till now, researchers have believed that darkish vitality accounted for almost 70 p.c of the ever-accelerating, increasing universe.

For a few years, this mechanism has been related to the so-called cosmological fixed, developed by Einstein in 1917, that refers to an unknown repellant cosmic energy.

However as a result of the cosmological fixed—often known as darkish vitality—can’t be measured straight, quite a few researchers, together with Einstein, have doubted its existence—with out with the ability to recommend a viable different.

Till now. In a brand new examine by researchers on the College of Copenhagen, a mannequin was examined that replaces darkish vitality with a darkish matter within the type of magnetic .

“If what we found is correct, it could upend our perception that what we thought made up 70 p.c of the universe doesn’t really exist. We’ve got eliminated darkish vitality from the equation and in a number of extra properties for darkish matter. This seems to have the identical impact upon the universe’s enlargement as darkish vitality,” explains Steen Harle Hansen, an affiliate professor on the Niels Bohr Institute’s DARK Cosmology Centre.

The universe expands no otherwise with out darkish vitality

The standard understanding of how the universe’s vitality is distributed is that it consists of 5 p.c regular matter, 25 p.c darkish matter and 70 p.c darkish vitality.

Within the UCPH researchers’ new mannequin, the 25 p.c share of darkish matter is accorded particular qualities that make the 70 p.c of darkish vitality redundant.

“We do not know a lot about darkish matter aside from that it’s a heavy and sluggish particle. However then we questioned—what if darkish matter had some high quality that was analogous to magnetism in it? We all know that as regular particles transfer round, they create magnetism. And, magnets appeal to or repel different magnets—so what if that is what is going on on within the universe? That this fixed enlargement of darkish matter is happening due to some type of magnetic power?” asks Steen Hansen.

Laptop mannequin exams darkish matter with a sort of magnetic vitality

Hansen’s query served as the muse for the brand new laptop mannequin, the place researchers included all the pieces that they know in regards to the universe—together with gravity, the pace of the universe’s enlargement and X, the unknown power that expands the universe.

“We developed a mannequin that labored from the idea that darkish matter particles have a sort of magnetic power and investigated what impact this power would have on the universe. It seems that it could have precisely the identical impact on the pace of the college’s enlargement as we all know from darkish vitality,” explains Steen Hansen.

Nonetheless, there stays a lot about this mechanism that has but to be understood by the researchers.

And all of it must be checked in higher fashions that take extra components into consideration. As Hansen places it:

“Truthfully, our discovery could be a coincidence. But when it is not, it’s really unbelievable. It could change our understanding of the universe’s composition and why it’s increasing. So far as our present data, our concepts about darkish matter with a sort of magnetic power and the concept about darkish vitality are equally wild. Solely extra detailed observations will decide which of those fashions is the extra reasonable. So, it is going to be extremely thrilling to retest our consequence.

Will this clear up the thriller of the enlargement of the universe?

Extra data:
Karoline Loeve et al. Consistency evaluation of a Darkish Matter velocity dependent power as an alternative choice to the Cosmological Fixed, arXiv:2102.07792 [astro-ph.CO]

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New examine sews doubt in regards to the composition of 70 p.c of our universe (2021, March 31)
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