About Us

We are the people who love and are passionate about the Garden. We always wish the best for our customers. We keep on improving the quality of our service from time to time.

“SilentGarden guides about a Traveler’s Garden for India. We have been living and traveling in India for many years now. We love sharing our experiences, our problems, and their solutions with you.

5 years ago we created the first Silent Garden website. Over 1000 people visit our website every day. But their equipment has changed.

Today over 65% of our visitors browse silent gardens with smartphones or tablet computers. On these devices, the old style of our website was not easily readable and navigation was very difficult.

That’s why we completely overhauled the presentation and made the layout responsive. Please read below how you can get the best results and get information from our new layout. “

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.