About Us

SilentGarden.net was created for the first time in 2018 as space professionals, enthusiasts, and others will turn to learn about the latest developments in space-related fields. The site provides links to space news articles from across the web on topics ranging from astronomy and space science to technology to policy and law.

In addition, silentgarden.net offers news summaries: a paragraph report on the most important space news, to make it even easier to get caught up on the latest news and events.

SilentGarden.net a major online space news publication, was acquired in 2018 by news_rss_feeds. silentgarden.net has some features, such as links to other news articles. While other features are new to silentgarden.net.

This site is very much work-in-progress, so any feedback – good or bad – about the site and its content is certainly appreciated. Contact us at info@silentgarden.net.

Thanks for visiting!