5 Ways to Make Your Commute More Productive

Whether you are cycling, walking, hopping on public transport or simply sitting down for a drive, the commute forms a major part of your daily routine. While some people like to zone out, others like to use this time productively.

5 Ways to Make Your Commute More Productive

I spent on average 30 mins each way every weekday. Mostly I listen to NPR radio. occasionally I listen to songs, especially when NPR runs their fundraising campaigns. Some times I call my parents back in India while driving.

Very rarely I listen to podcasts, mostly personal finance related.

More or less I try to use 1 hour of my daily life productively. I drive so no active work can be done during my commute.

We live in the Miami suburb, traffic is not bad, not a bumper to bumper anyway. Commuters living in bigger cities face a nightmare every day to get to work.

No matter what your mode of commute is, you can use this time somewhat more productive way. Think about what you do at present and then compare it with the options below and see how you can spend your time on the best outcome.

Somedays I can listen to audiobooks apart of listening to radio news. I don’t read books, I don’t get the time these days.

But, an audiobook can be completed within a few days, this can be better than listening to all the news that NPR offers, so, there’s a scope of improvement.

These are the tips by which your commute can be more productive.

Listen to NPR

This is my routine to tune in to my local NPR station every day. In 30 mins I get most of the important news and that reduces my net surfing time for the morning news.

This is a huge save of productive time for me and definitely, I get much more information than I could by reading for 30 mins.

This is professionally helpful as well, you always get a ‘conversation starter’ if you are aware of the current affairs.

Every city has its local version of NPR radio station which you can tune in to. From politics to sports, to debate on current issues, this station is always full of information.

Set Up a To-Do List for the Day

Some people like to spend their commute working out what they need to do today.

If they have an actual to-do list with all of their goals for the day, they can feel a lot more accomplished and ready to take on the world.

It can be as basic or as detailed as you need it to be. If you are going to be driving during your commute, consider using an audio-to-text app to help you organize your day.

Google keep is a highly recommended tool if you are interested to explore.

Listen to a Podcast

Many productive podcasts are covering a whole range of topics.

Whether you want to listen to a discussion of current affairs or some sort of self-improvement podcast, there are plenty out there which could capture your attention.

If you will be driving, make sure you can connect your phone to the car speaker using Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable.

I listen to podcasts from “Afford Anything” and a few others on personal finance. If you’re interested in personal finance, check out Paula’s podcast, each episode is power-packed with knowledge, information, examples, and encouragement.


If you take public transportation, why not try meditating? There are several different meditation apps out there that encourage you to put your head down and just zone out for a moment or two.

These apps can help you improve your mentality towards several different problems like a lack of sleep or productivity. Taking time on your commute to work on these issues might be the gap you need.

Learn a Language

Most people like to try to learn a language in their spare time and a commute provides you with the perfect window of opportunity to do so.

There are several apps out there which turn language learning into a game and makes it super easy for you to pick up vocabulary.

You can even still find free language learning apps which can be done on the go; perfect if you need to drive for your commute.

Completely Disconnect

Finally, some people like to make their commute as an opportunity to completely disconnect from the world. Put your phone on silent and in your bag and occupy your time with something else.

You could read a book or try coloring or puzzles. You could even just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Take it as an opportunity to clear your mind and focus your attention away from the stress of work.

A commute is a set period every morning and evening and this gives it all the potential you need.

Take advantage of these precious moments now and try one of the tasks we have listed above. Before long, you will hopefully be experiencing the benefits of your productivity at this time.

Readers, share your suggestions and comments below.

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