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5 Tips For College Students To Save Money While Living Off-Campus

It’s no surprise to anyone that college life can be expensive. Not only is there the cost of paying for the education, but many students move out of their family home to attend. This puts a lot of financial strain on everyone.

5 Tips For College Students To Save Money While Living Off-Campus

However, there are ways to save money with good financial choices and avoid taking on more debt. Here are some insider tips to keep money in your pocket even if you live off-campus.

1. Learn To Cook Your Food

When you live in USC off campus housing, you are responsible for your food.

As easy as it is to pick up take-out or order from a food delivery service, these options don’t save you any money.

In your own home, you have the advantage of having a kitchen.

Learning to cook some basic meals allows you to save money and also eat more nutritiously.

2. Shop With Coupons

If you are going to be cooking your food, you will also benefit from doing your grocery shopping.

These stores are a great place to use coupons and shop sales to save money every month.

Even if you only save a few dollars a week, it adds up quickly. Some locations offer a smaller price per item when you buy in large quantities.

And though you may not need a large amount of food, consider splitting the cost of a multipack of toilet paper with friends or roommates to give everyone the option to save.

3. Walk or Ride to School

A great way to save money is by living in off campus housing near USC that’s close enough to campus to walk or ride your bike there.

Having to rely on driving a vehicle means not only do you need money to pay for the car, but you also need to account for insurance, gas and maintenance.

Cutting this expense out of your monthly budget is sure to free up money for other necessities.

4. Stream Your Favorite Shows and Movies

Many off-campus homes and apartments have cable lines set up for access to television.

While the cost of cable may seem affordable when shared among roommates, it’s even less expensive to purchase an internet-only package.

This allows you to stream your favorite shows from a variety of internet-based apps and services.

Many of these only cost a few dollars a month.

Besides, college life doesn’t give you many opportunities to sit and watch television, so there’s no need to pay a large sum for something you might only have the chance to use a few times a week.

5. Keep Your Space Clean

When you are living in a rental, it’s essential to take care of the property. Daily cleaning and essential maintenance can help prevent significant problems from occurring.

Taking a few minutes each day or at least once a week to clean your space means it will require less of your free time to complete.

Since the property owner performs an inspection, make sure the home is in great shape so you get your security deposit returned.

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