5 Things to Consider When Buying A New Smartphone

Are you interested in changing your smartphone device? Before you proceed, here are some 5 things you need to consider when buying a new smartphone nowadays.

5 Things to Consider When Buying A New Smartphone In 2020

Technology is evolving and smartphones now come with more and more interesting features day-by-day. However, these devices are not something we buy every day. Even a tech geek like myself uses a smartphone for at least a year. This is why whenever you need to buy a new smartphone, it is good to decide to make a good choice that would last you over a good period.

Below, we shall be discussing the 5 things you should consider before buying your new smartphone and you won’t regret your choice later.

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5 Things to Consider When Buying A New Smartphone in 2020

Identify the Purpose

Before you choose a new smartphone, you need to identify what the main purpose the device is to serve. If you are buying purposely to make calls, your need is different from a gamer or a heavy internet user.

The main purpose of buying a smartphone device is what every other specification will depend on. Like for instance, someone who calls would give priority to high battery capacity while someone who browse and chat more or a gamer would consider better RAM/ROM sizes.


Before making a purchase, have a budget to work around with. Or else, you will get to market only to discover smartphone gadgets you can not afford or above your budget. Besides, most smartphones with better specifications aren’t that cheap.

Operating System

Smartphones have their operating systems and are majorly either Android and iOS. The features found in these OS types look similar in some ways but are different.

Android is the most common OS types nowadays and they are very affordable compared to iOS. So, if you need a cheap smartphone device, you should consider giving android a chance. However, if you want to show some class in the OS type you choose, an iPhone or iPad is not a bad choice.

RAM/Internal storage and Processor Type

An average smartphone nowadays should have at least 2GB RAM. Anything below shouldn’t be considered. This is the least that should serve a person who calls more with their device. However, it is a different case entirely for a gamer or someone who installs more heavy applications or watch movies with their phone.

The more the RAM/ROM capacity of your smartphone, the better and easier it is to install apps and run. But, better RAM/ROM sizes usually leads to an addition in price.

The least processor type you should consider is a dual-core processor. Other popular ones available are the quad-core and octa-core processors.

Network Facility

Now that phone makers have given 5G a priority and 5G devices are already in the market, going for a 3G device is a wrong choice. It is like going in a backward direction.

With the 4G network facility rolled out across all states in the country by network operators, a 4G device is averagely okay for an internet smartphone user. The browsing and downloading speed are faster compared to the usual 3G.


The last of the 5 things you need to consider when buying a new smartphone is the camera. If you like taking pictures with your phone, your first choice should be an iPhone. Other best camera performance smartphone devices are Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Redmi among others.

Bonus: Where to Buy Phone in Nigeria

Local phone stores to buy a new device in Nigeria are available in all states in Nigeria. However, if you are willing to buy a new smartphone online in Nigeria, you may consider buying from Jumia, Konga, AliExpress, GearBest and other trusted marketplaces.

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Here is the end of the 5 things you need to consider when buying a new smartphone. If you have found this post helpful, kindly leave a comment below and remember to share the post with friends.

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