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4 Advantages of Using Compatible Printer Ink over Original Printer Ink


You have probably heard many opinions over which kind of printer ink to use: original printer ink or compatible printer ink? There are many online resources battling it out and while there are many reasonable arguments for both kinds, and the benefits of using compatible printer ink definitely outweigh the pitfalls (of which there are scarce).

Allow us to talk about the basics first: An original cartridge is what one calls the ink cartridge made by your printer’s manufacturer. They are also sometimes called ‘genuine’ cartridges and have the letters ‘OEM’ (Original Equipment Manufacturer) stamped on them. They are usually very expensive due to the cost of branding and overhead.

A compatible cartridge is manufactured by a third party company for your printer. The only difference is in the branding: with a compatible cartridge you’ll still be getting a new one that should work as well as an original ink cartridge, and have a host of other notable benefits:

Genuine OEM vs Compatible Ink |


Compatible printer ink cartridges cost a lot less than its branded counterparts. An average generic ink cartridge costs about 40-90% less than an original printer ink cartridge, and tends to contain a lot more ink. So if you’re looking for a great bang for your buck, then generic ink cartridges are the way to go.

Ink Content

Ink from both compatible and original printer ink cartridges have near identical formulation, however, the compatible ink (besides having more per volume) contains more water than oil compared to the original counterparts. Water-based dyes achieve all individual colors including black, and have the tendency to dry out faster. Original printer ink cartridges are more oil-based, therefore have a thicker consistency. As a result it has a tendency to smudge when handled immediately and not given enough time to dry on its own.


In many studies and side-by-side tests conducted by many consumers, the print quality between original and compatible printer ink cartridges are indistinguishable. This is because the ink used in both cartridges have the same formulation to begin with!

Besides its physical qualities, compatible printer ink cartridges also won’t affect your eligibility for technical assistance or machine replacement within the one-year period required for warranty. You get the same services as if you used the original printer ink cartridges, and you wouldn’t have to worry about being refused service. In the unlikely chance that your compatible printer ink is the cause of failure, its supplier should be able to cover any and all damages.


Even the most reputable printer ink suppliers use recycled components from original manufacturer cartridges to produce their own, thereby lessening the need to start an entirely new cycle of plastic production when you decide to buy original printer ink. You’ll be saving your money and helping save the planet at the same time by having a hand in recycling cartridges.

For all its practical benefits, it only goes to show that it would be better to use compatible printer ink over original printer ink. However, you should also practice common sense when buying compatible printer ink, as there surely are inferior brands being sold on the market for tempting prices.

It definitely helps to do your research, as buying from reputable suppliers ensure that you will get a product that will rival original printer ink in the benefits listed above. Another thing to consider are the warranties and guarantees offered when purchasing either type of printer ink. Reputable suppliers run tight ships, make sure their products are rigorously tested, and undergo comprehensive quality checks at every stage of the production process.


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