2019 Best Approach to Build Profitable Customer Relationships


Forget your products and start selling solutions.

The time has come when you need to shift from pushing products to creating genuine connections with people.

This blog post is worth a read if you are encountering any of these below problems.

  • If pressures of pricing, revenue and competitor are increasing.
  • If you want to sell “solutions” instead of products to move up the value chain.
  • If you are looking forward to driving larger deal sizes across your accounts.
  • If you think your sales cycles are too long.
  • If you aim at adding more value to your customers during the sales process.

Value selling training

You might have heard of a solution or value solution selling. Value selling training is a program, designed to teach you the concepts and methods of building long-term and fulfilling relationships with clients. At the same time, you will be trained to achieve revenue and margin goals.

Became popular in the 1980s, the solution selling program is a sales methodology. Its formula is pretty simple: the salespersons first understand the needs of prospects and then recommend the right services or product to fill those needs.

This proven formula helps you:

  • Call higher
  • Clearly differentiate yourself based on the act, the value in a more consultative way.
  • Get ahead with your customer’s buying process and business goals
  • Qualify more effectively, guide decisions
  • Present solutions, manage resistance and close the sale.

In the end, you will happen to learn the way to achieve all of this while effectively building trust and a valued, long-term client relationship.

The best value selling training program is designed to hone the overall skills of salespersons. It includes:

  • Skill Application
  • Group Exercises
  • Role Plays
  • Case Studies
  • Video-Based Instruction
  • Solution Selling Best Practice Modeling
  • Sales Planning, And Sales Coaching

How the training is imparted


Most probably, reputable training providers tend to use recognized solution selling skills assessment for taking a baseline measurement of the areas of strength and weakness against the best practice consultative and solution selling attributes.

Design and Deliver:

Once the strength and weakness are assessed, experts customize the training focusing on weak and most impactful areas for your business.

Support and Implementation:

Sales reinforcement system is implemented to make sure the training is imparted and supported by individual sales development plans and proven sales performance coaching methodology.

Measurement and Improvement:

The trainers then measure the individual and business results statistically. Once the salespersons at your company fully get trained, they become a powerful asset for their customers well as your organizations through selling approach and the value of the solutions.

When is the Value Selling Training Required?

Solution or value selling training is essential for industries with highly customized packages and products. Suppose a company deals in offering a cloud storage platform as well as security and maintenance services. They will probably create a unique package for their customers. The salespersons will need to figure out how many devices they will be accessing their files on, how much data their prospects need to store, what kind of extra support and feature they will need and so forth.

For all these to achieve, they need solutions selling training. If you are an organization wanting to provide training to your salesperson, then find a company that can provide you with absolute value training of sale. Many companies are offering the training. Find them to achieve the best out of your salespersons.

  • Informative

  • Uniqueness

  • Readibility



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